iPads on a Field Trip

As we move along on our iPad journey, it’s nice to see that the iPads are becoming a normal part of our everyday learning. They are not a special tool, but something that has increasingly become embedded in much that we do. This was especially true when we went on our field trip to Regent’s Park last week.

The goal of the trip was to investigate and document water birds at the park, so it was natural that we bring our iPads to photograph the birds that we saw. Students were easily able to bring the iPads on the bus and carry them throughout the trip, snapping pictures as they came across new birds. Today in science class, students started to create a bird book on their iPads using Book Creator.

What has become clear over the last few weeks is that we’ve really made it to the point (with some apps) where we are no longer learning how to use the app, but learning with the app. Students don’t need to be given step-by-step instructions¬†of how to insert text or photos, they do it naturally and quickly. This means that we can focus our energy and attention not on the mechanics of the app, but on the content of our learning and thinking.

As Chris Lehman says, technology should be like air – necessary, invisible, and ubiquitous. Over the past few weeks it really feels like we are getting there – where the technology is simply another tool, another part of the normal learning process.


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