iPad Summer Camp – Project 1 – Digital Story Telling

Welcome to iPad Summer Camp. For more information, please read the introduction post. For now, let’s jump into our first project. You’ll have a week and a half to work on this before I post the next project. Take some time to create a book – you might work for an hour on one day, or you may space it out over the next week. Regardless, the important thing is to play, play, play! The more you try and explore, the more you’ll learn. Please post any comments or questions to tell us about your successes and challenges!


Project 1 – Creating a digital story with Book Creator

Goal: Create a digital story integrating text and images using Book Creator.


Apps: I focus on Book Creator. Another popular app is Story Buddy.


Optional Resources: If you like to prepare before starting, check out some of these resources. If you’re someone who likes to just jump in, skip this and start working!

  • Read the Getting Started Tutorial in Book Creator (you’ll see it when you open the Book Creator app
  • Check out the Book Creator Help site
  • Watch a Book Creator Tutorial on Youtube here or here


Skills Checklist: By the end of your project, you should be able to do all these things:

  • Create a new book
  • Write text
  • Format the text (color, font, size, alignment)
  • Insert images
  • Move and delete pages from the book
  • Use the Undo button
  • Save and export your book


Ideas For Your Project:

  • Write about something exciting you’ve done this summer
  • Write a personal narrative or fiction story as a model for your writing workshop
  • Write a review of a movie you’ve seen or book you’ve read
  • Write an article about a topic that you want your students to learn about
  • Write a poem and create an illustration to go along with it


How to Do This Project in 6 Easy Steps:

  1. Make a new book in Book Creator
  2. Write your story
  3. Insert some photos to go with your story
  4. If you don’t want photos, draw a picture using a drawing app (Paper 53, Brushes, Draw Free) and then insert it into your story.
  5. Format everything to make it look nice.
  6. Save or export it and share it with at least one person


Three Top Tips for Using Book Creator:

1. To format text, click on the text box and then click the i button in the top right corner. This will open the inspector, where you can change the formatting.

Also, if you insert a new text box, the formatting will be set to whatever your last text box was. So if your last text box was 14pt font, bold, centered, and red, your new text box will be the same. Unfortunately this can create some extra work!


Click the i button



the inspector will open to allow you to format the text


2. If you touch an item and start to move it around, you’ll notice that some green lines appear. These will help you line up your pictures and text boxes with each other. Very helpful!



3. When editing text, you may find that you want to move your cursor to a different place, which can be tricky. Simply touch the screen and hold. A magnifying glass will come up which will let you move the cursor wherever you want. This works in any app.


Not a great image, but trust me, it works! Click for a larger version of this image.


My Story: In my class, each student has an iPad, so I thought about what sort of digital story I might want students to create at the beginning of next year. I thought maybe we could create a class magazine, with each student writing a page or two. So, I decided to put together what an example page might look like. I haven’t totally decided yet, but maybe this will be a nice way to start the year!

Here’s what my page looks like. Click for a larger version.



Click for a larger version


You can view or download the epub file for the book here or view it as a pdf here. If you are on an iPad, you can open this file in iBooks.


Sharing Your Story:

When you finish your story, you can share it with friends. From the main menu you have lots of choices. Try to share it with at least one friend.






1. Open in iBooks – If you have iBooks on your iPad, open your book in iBooks to see what it looks like.

2. You can email it to a friend as either a PDF or ePub

3. You can upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox if you have an account.


Good luck! I hope I’ve been helpful! Post a comment below to tell us how it goes or let me know if this format has worked for you.


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